Saudi Arabia
a destination like no other

Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s few remaining largely unexplored destinations, having been almost totally off-limits to most travellers until recently.


Now open and welcoming tourists from around the world, Saudi Arabia offers a new frontier to travellers of all ages and interests. A destination teeming with ancient history and culture, resplendent with natural attractions, and offering an unforgettable array of unique and exciting activities and entertainment.


Saudi Arabia is also home to some of the world’s most luxurious resorts and spas, with many more under development.


If you are looking for an unforgettable travel experience, Saudi Arabia is the perfect destination for those with a spirit of adventure, combining culture with luxury and adventure with elegance, add to that its unique culture, stunning landscapes, and rich history, is sure to capture your heart and mind.

The Capital
Exciting and iInteresting

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, is a vibrant metropolis that combines modernity with rich cultural heritage. From its bustling streets to its historic landmarks, including the Masmak Fortress and King Abdulaziz Historical Center, Riyadh offers an exciting blend of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues for all types of travelers.

A Seafront Promenade
for business and leisure

A port city on the Red Sea, is a modern commercial hub and gateway for pilgrimages to the Islamic holy cities Mecca and Medina. Resort hotels, beaches and outdoor sculptures line the Corniche, a seafront promenade, appealing to business and leisure travelers of all nationalities. Jeddah a port city blending tradition and modernity.

rock-cut tombs
One of the most remarkable sites

One of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, famous for its rock-cut tombs, buildings and uniquely recognisable sculptures. The area is home to some of the most remarkable sites in the Middle East and a great place to begin exploring the incredible landscapes in this vast country, with plenty of hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

  1. Birthplace of modern Saudi Arabia

    Riyadh, the birthplace of modern Saudi Arabia, and the country’s capital, where old-world charm meets 21st-century vision. Riyadh is a modern metropolis with a thriving financial and business centre, and a well-established cultural and restaurant scene. It is a city rich in history, boasting myriad forts, palaces, museums, and an ancient labyrinthine of colorful souqs, alongside luxury hotels, expansive malls, and quirky boutiques. Riyadh is also home to the country’s oldest university, King Saud University, plus one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, Kingdom Centre, and more than 4,000 mosques.

  2. Cosmopolitan port city is an Eclectic mix of old and new

    This cosmopolitan port city on the Red Sea is an eclectic mix of old and new, with UNESCO Heritage Sites, historical buildings and bustling souks alongside modern hotels, international concerts, the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, and some of the best seafood restaurants in the region. The ideal destination for a culinary tour, coffee tasting and shopping for handicrafts, as well as the perfect spot for scuba divers, water sports enthusiasts and sun worshipers.

  3. Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site

    AlUla is a true living museum spanning hundreds of years of Arabian history, deep in the desert in the north-western region of the country and Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. An awe-inspiring destination to visit year-round, your time in AlUla should include a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra, wandering around the historic alleyways of AlUla Old Town, discovering the ancient capital of Dadan, the “open library” of inscriptions at Jabal Ikmah, and of course visit the famous “Elephant Rock”. For the more adventurous, an array of activities includes hiking, ziplining, sand buggies, star gazing, and much more. AlUla is also home to arts festivals, international concerts, and global sporting events.

  4. Mecca (Makkah) & Medina Islam’s holiest cities

    Mecca is a destination for Muslim tourists only, as non-Muslims are not permitted entry. This is the holiest city in Islam: the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad and the city where the Quran was first revealed to him. At Makkah’s heart is the expansive Grand Mosque, Masjid Al Haram, which can accommodate as many as 4 million worshippers.


    Medina is also a key destination for pilgrims traveling for Hajj or Umrah. Unlike Mecca, Medina is open to everyone, including non-Muslims. The city is centered around Al Masjid an Nabawi, also known as the Prophet’s Mosque, which was constructed by the Prophet himself and is where he is buried.

  5. NEOM a futuristic, sustainable, and technologically advanced urban area

    Announced in 2017, and part of Vision 2030, NEOM a futuristic, sustainable, and technologically advanced urban area being developed in the north-west of the country.

    It covers 10,230 square miles (26,500 square kilometers), borders the Red Sea, and is designed to respond to some of the most pressing global challenges facing urban areas, offering an alternative way of living. All energy in Neom will be 100 per cent renewable — from solar, wind and hydrogen-based power generation — ensuring a zero-emission, carbon-positive ecosystem. It has been designed to preserve 95% of the natural environment, and will be home to a diverse range of wildlife, including endangered species such as the Arabian leopard and the hawksbill turtle in a massive nature reserve.

  6. A mega tourism project developing a luxury resort destination

    The Red Sea Development is a mega tourism project developing a luxury resort destination along the western coast of the country. The project covers an area of about 28,000 square kilometers and will include around 50 hotels, as well as residential properties. It will feature an airport, marinas, entertainment facilities, and a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, diving, and water sports. It is home to the fourth-largest barrier reef in the world and more than 90 pristine islands that have never been disturbed by man.


    One of the key features of the Red Sea Development Project is its commitment to sustainability. The project has the goal of achieving a net-zero carbon footprint and preserving the natural environment of the region.

  7. UTA offers a tailored assortment of transportation services

    Once in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UTA offers a tailored assortment of transportation services to all types of leisure and corporate travelers to maximize their enjoyment of the kingdom. We can arrange car hire and/or high-end chauffeured services around Saudi Arabia in a range of vehicles to suit customer preference, including executive sedans, larger SUVs and other luxury vehicles. All vehicles are fully equipped with air conditioning.

  8. UTA specialist team is able to plan, organize and manage a full array of business needs

    UTA has successfully coordinated events for prominent corporations and brands which have ranged from board meetings, bespoke corporate getaways, celebratory events, product launches, workshops, seminars, team building days and special events, all of which capitalized on Saudi Arabia’s combination of captivating locations and high-quality venues.

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