Riyadh & Jeddah – Two Cities, Two Experiences – 7 Days

Join us for a 7-day cultural and historical introduction to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through a tour of our two most famous cities. From museums to restaurants, souks to shopping malls, Riyadh will both surprise and delight first-time, and repeat, visitors with its cultural diversity and modern perspective. Combining this with a visit to the country’s capital coastal city of Jeddah offers visitors the best of both worlds. In Jeddah, experience the culture and history of this port city through its architecture, people, and cuisine. With ample time to browse, shop, dine, relax and sunbathe, this is the perfect introduction to Saudi Arabia.

AlUla & Riyadh – Desert landscapes to the Nation’s Capital – 7 Days

Discover the ancient wonders of AlUla, from the remarkable rock formations of Madain Saleh to the intricate Nabatean tombs that unveil the secrets of the past. Dive into Riyadh’s modernity, where towering skyscrapers, bustling markets, and world-class museums showcase the city’s cosmopolitan charm. Delve into the vibrant arts and culinary scene, experiencing the fusion of traditional and contemporary flavors that define Saudi Arabian cuisine. Along this captivating journey, immerse yourself in the warm hospitality and genuine connections with locals, creating lasting memories of this fascinating desert to city adventure.

Jeddah & Southern Saudi Arabia – 9 Days

This is the tour for those wishing to really explore the Saudi Arabia that few have yet seen. After arrival in Jeddah, and a day spent exploring this historical, cosmopolitan Red Sea port city, we head south, visiting some of the lesser-known regions of this spectacular country. From Taif with its historical palaces and fields of roses, to the marble village of Dhee Ayn, on to Rejal Alma’a with visits to spectacular museums, palaces and breath-taking scenery along the way. The vista changes as we head further south to Jazan, visiting magnificent canyons, hanging gardens, and expansive coffee plantations.

Jeddah Highlights – 3 Days

Experience the best of Jeddah with our Highlights of Jeddah guided tour, covering key attractions in this coastal city. Explore the renowned Corniche, delve into the UNESCO World Heritage site of Al Balad’s Old Town, and discover traditional shops and crafts. Learn the secrets of creating luxurious Oud scents and witness the transformation of aged wood into desirable fragrances. Visit an Old Jeddah Town Sweet Shop to learn and savor sweet Arabic dumplings, a Ramadan tradition. Complete your Jeddah visit with our Β½-day sea safari, offering ample opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and relaxation in the stunning Red Sea.